Knowles Road Water Tower

The Village of Gurnee is currently in the process of building a water tower at the corner of Knowles Road and Rollins Road. This tower is a multi-year project that will result in better water pressure reliability for residents west of I-94. To answer questions about the water tower, we have put together an FAQ for residents to learn more about the project.

For more information regarding the new water tower please contact the Engineering Division at 847.599.7586.  

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Knowles Water Tower FAQ

  1. Why the need for the new water tower?
  2. Current System & Existing Conditions

    Currently the Village receives its water from CLC JAWA (Central Lake County Joint Action Water Agency) and is able to provide up to 6.2 million gallons of above ground storage with five facilities. In spring 2018 one of the five facilities will be removed from the system and taken out of service. This will drop the total storage to 6.0 million gallons or 1.7 days of average consumption. Additionally, the Village has two wells and one service connection with the City of Waukegan that are utilize in emergency situations for additional supply.

    Overall the Village is able to provide a very high level of service to its residents in terms of high water pressure and reliability. The average water pressure throughout the community is between 70 & 80 pounds per square inch. The western limits of town, where the elevation of the grade is highest above sea level, neighborhoods have the lowest water pressures between 30 & 50 pounds per square inch.


    By building the water tower on the higher side of the Village we will be able to utilize gravity to pressurize the water distribution system. This will ultimately improve the water reliability and pressure for residents in the far western sections of Gurnee. The tower will also provide additional water storage for the Village increasing the overall capacity to approximately 8 million gallons or 2.2 days of average consumption. This benefits the entire community in emergency situations when supply does not equal demand or when supply has been temporarily disconnected. The Village will be able to provide water for the entire community for an extended time until supply can be restored. 

  3. Where exactly is the new water tower being built?
  4. The Knowles Road Water Tower is being installed at 1525 Knowles Road on a vacant parcel owned by the Village, near the end of Knowles Road and adjacent to Rollins Road. The below map shows the exact location of the new tower.

  5. When will the water tower be built?
  6. The Village has approved plan designs for the Knowles Road Water Tower to be executed in 2018, with construction of the tower scheduled to begin late summer 2018 and completed in 2020.

  7. What will the tower look like?
  8. The Knowles Road water tower will be a 2,000,000 million gallon structure. To put the capacity in perspective, the now-defunct Old Grand Water Tower holds 1/10th that amount or 200,000 gallons of water.

    The design of the new water tower will be either a Water Spheroid Tank, similar to other water towers in Gurnee, or a composite concrete base water tower. Below are two examples of a spheroid and composite water towers.

    Spheroid Tank:

    Water Tower Picture

    Composite Concrete Base Water Tower:
  9. How much will this tower cost? How is it being paid for?
  10. We are currently making improvements to the Village’s water distribution system including construction of a 2-million gallon elevated water storage tank located at 1525 Knowles Road, a booster pump station located at 869 Almond Road, a steel prefabricated pressure reducing valve station located on Almond Road, and a steel prefabricated pressure reducing valve station located on Foxworth Avenue. The improvements involve the creation of a new pressure zone (Pressure Zone 5) in the water distribution system, and an additional redundant water source to our main water supplier. Once complete, it will improve water quality for area residents and businesses in the Village of Gurnee by increasing the amount of water storage available to the water system, creating a redundant connection to Central Lake County Joint Action Water Agency, and increasing and maintaining higher water pressure for all residents west of Hunt Club Road. These improvements are financed by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (SRF). The SRF program is administered by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and receives a portion of its money to fund these types of projects from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The $6,132,208 loan has an interest rate of 1.84% and will be repaid over 20 years. SRF programs operate in each state to provide communities the resources necessary to build, maintain, and improve the infrastructure that protects one of our most valuable resources: water.