Block Party Permit Application

Residents who would like to have temporary closure of public streets in their neighborhood for a block party or similar public gathering must apply for a Block Party Permit.  You may also request the attendance of the Police or Fire Departments. The Police Department offers free child safety seat inspections at block parties, and the Fire Department will educate the kids on fire safety. Learn more by visiting the Fire Department Public Event Request page.. 

Please complete the Block Party Permit application form. Applications must be submitted a minimum of 5 business days before the event.



Block Party Permit Application

Complete application and submit to the Village of Gurnee Public Works Department. Applications must be submitted a MINIMUM of 5 business days before the event.

Do you want the Police Department to visit? (see attached letters)

Police Dept
Do you want a Safety Seat Check by the Police Department?
Do you need Sawhorses?

Map of Block Party Location

(Draw and label streets involved & location of sawhorses, or insert picture of map from an online site (i.e. Google Maps, Bing Maps, etc.)


Sawhorse Delivery & Pick-up Policy

Sawhorses are provided free of charge and are delivered to your (Applicant) house, generally 1 day before the party. For use during the party, you must place sawhorses at the desired street location. At completion of the party, place sawhorses on the street in front of your house. Pick-up is generally 1-2 days after the party.


How do you want to receive your approved permit?
I fully understand that this permit is valid only for the date, times and location indicated above. I will immediately notify the Public Works Department of any changes to the approved permit information.
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