Civil Service Commission

Nearly 70% of the Village’s workforce is initially hired through the Civil Service process. The Civil Service Commission is responsible for testing and appointing qualified candidates for the positions of Police Officer, Firefighter / Paramedic, and Maintenance Worker I. The Commission is also responsible for the promotional process for Police Sergeants, Fire Lieutenants, and Fire Captains, including the testing and selection processes. The Civil Service Rules and Regulations describe the testing processes for entry level and promotional positions in Police, Fire, and Public Works. The Commission may also conduct disciplinary hearings not otherwise subject to the procedures of a collective bargaining agreement.

The three member board is appointed by the Mayor, subject to approval by the Village Board. Commissioners serve three year terms on a staggered basis.

Civil Service Commission Members


Appointment Ends

Ty Bonds, Chair

April 30, 2024

Lori Hubbartt, Commissioner

April 30, 2023

Diane Summers, Secretary/Commissioner

April 30, 2022

Staff Liaison: Christine Palmieri, Director of Human Resources


Civil Service Commission Regulations (PDF)


Eligibility Lists

Updated January 4, 2022
DepartmentPositionEffective Date
Public Works
Maintenance Worker IDecember 27, 2021
Police Department
Police OfficerNovember 22, 2021
Police SergeantJune 26, 2018
Police LieutenantJuly 14, 2004
Fire Department
Firefighter/ParamedicApril 21, 2020
Fire LieutenantJuly 20, 2020
Fire CaptainJuly 20, 2020