Food Scraps Composting Program

Beginning July 1st, 2018, residents will have the option to co-mingle their food scraps with their landscape waste.

Residents who purchase a season landscape waste subscription or landscape waste stickers will be able to combine their food items such as kitchen scraps, expired fruits and vegetables and other organic materials with their lawn clippings and other landscape waste to place these materials at the curb in a container not exceeding 32-gallons capacity.

The landscape waste collected through the program will be brought to Midwest Organics in order to create commercial compost.

Benefits of Composting

  • Reducing environmental footprint
  • The need for chemical fertilizer decreases
  • Reduces the amount of waste contributed to landfills
  • Great for plants, lawns and gardens
  • Conserves energy and water

Informational Video on Lake County Composting

Why Food Scrap? What Can be Composted?

Food Scrap Program Gurnee Brochure

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