Strategic Plan

2022 Strategic Plan Update

In order to guide the overall direction of the community over the coming years, the Village is kicking off its formal Strategic Planning Initiative and we want you to participate!  

The strategic plan is the vision for the community and it serves as a guide for operations in the next few years. The most recent strategic plan was the 2016-2021 plan and it included initiatives such as bodyworn cameras for police officers, improving walkability in the community and more. It is important to the Village to gain as many perspectives as possible to help create a plan that reflects the entire community.

Community Survey
A community survey is currently underway. The survey is being conducted by the national polling firm Polco. You can take the survey by one of the following options:

1. Visit the URL at
2. Pick up a physical survey at Village Hall or call (847) 599-7500 and request to be mailed a survey.

Don’t pass up this excellent opportunity to help shape the future of the community you call home!

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