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The annual capital program is determined through a variety of factors, including funding availability, road conditions and future project considerations. The upcoming year's capital projects are included as part of the Multi-Year Capital Plan in the fall. The Fiscal Year 2022/2023 Capital Program includes $13.1 million in projects planned. 

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Tentative Schedule for the 2022 Resurfacing Program

This schedule provides a proposed timeline of when work will occur in Areas 1-4. This schedule is tentative and may change based on weather.

Area 1mid-May to end of Mayearly June to early Julyearly August
Area 2mid-May to end of Mayearly June to late Juneearly August
Area 3mid-May to end of Maymid-July to late Julyearly August
Area 4mid-May to end of Maymid-July to late Julyearly August